Crying Suns ’ – After a big update to Crying Suns Advanced

After a big update to Crying Suns Advanced Tactics a few months ago, Crying Suns has just received a new update that allows you to transfer game saves from mobile to PC platforms. Crying Suns from Humble Games is now available on iOS and Android in a premium version. It’s not a perfect sync through the account system, but it’s a much better solution than dealing with iTunes syncing or the lack of progress transfer like other games. In addition to saving translation, Crying Suns now stops when it goes down. Check out the game on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. It’s a tactical space game inspired by FTL, which was originally released on PC via Steam. Read our review of the excellent mobile version here. Some XenForo features created by Audentio Design. The import and export functions can be done through the options menu. You can export it to the Files app on iOS and then manually access the game on PC. See the forum thread about it here. The price is $8.99, which is significantly lower than the $24.99 price on Steam for PC. Developed by Audentio.