Communication Tips – We have older teachers or not

We have older teachers, or not necessarily teachers with technology backgrounds, who need to learn how to zoom in and do presentations or interactive activities for students,” said Diana Hernandez, a fourth-grade teacher at Union Avenue Elementary School in Los Angeles. Piper Taylor, a middle school teacher at Queen of Angels Catholic School in Newport Beach, California, acknowledges that virtual learning also seems “disconnected” from teachers. Jessica Montes, a third-year teacher in East Los Angeles, has experienced scheduling problems, last-minute cancellations, and late parental reactions to distance learning. Establishing a partnership with your child’s teacher is critical to the success of distance education. “Even if we’re physically far away, that doesn’t mean we have to be socially disconnected,” says Clarence McFerren II, a sixth- through eighth-grade teacher at Kiokasin College in Henrico, Va. Processes and schedules can change. So share your schedule with your child’s teacher to minimize travel to and from school. With the new trends in distance learning, it is important to remain flexible and transparent in order to stay in contact with teachers. If you talk to a teacher during the school year, remember that teachers face the same challenges as you do. Parents with heavy workloads may have difficulty educating their children. The year 2020 presents unprecedented challenges for educators, young students, and their families as they continue to learn from a distance. The new school year has already begun, and schools are preparing for the continuation of distance learning in 2021. You can allow your own children to participate in distance learning at home while they teach their children at a distance. Being aware of the challenges your teacher faces at your side and being patient throughout the process helps develop a meaningful, collaborative dialogue. If your child’s teacher has set weekday hours from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., respect their limits and set their expectations accordingly. Moving from a school-based curriculum to a scale-based curriculum or digital platform can also lead to a lack of communication between teachers and parents. If you haven’t introduced yourself to your child’s new teacher, contact them.