Amazing Readers – Kids Can teachers are interested in

Kids Can teachers are interested in integrating Amazing Readers Reading project has had a positive impact on student achievement and that their vocabulary has increased in English. We talked with Vanessa Hartson-Walker, Director of Studies at Kids Can School, about “her” goals, the implementation of the Amazing Readers Library, and feedback from students, parents, and teachers. She uses Pearson English Readers and Pearson Kids Readers to spread the enthusiasm for reading to students of all ages. In this amazing reading story, we learn how schools in Italy are spreading the love of reading with Pearson English Readers. How the Amazing Readers program improves student performance and commitment A group of motivated students at IC Via F Laparelli Rome. To learn more about the Amazing Readers project and how to encourage students to read in and out of the classroom, visit the International School Community Blog. As part of the program, Kids Can has created a library with these readers that allows children to check out books based on their reading skills. The children of IC A Manzoni Rome discuss the benefits of Amazing Readers and describe what reading means to them. The Amazing Readers program has been well received by parents and teachers, says Vanessa. The Amazing Readers program was organized by Pearson Italy and the British Embassy in Rome. Readers are world-renowned stories rewritten for English language learners. If you are interested in participating in the Amazing Readers project, contact your local office. Vanessa Hartson-Walker and “her” staff wanted to encourage their students to read. She believes that teachers appreciate Pearson’s leadership in technology and “his” appreciation of reading in depth.