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Working with PPC Customer Service at Microsoft Advertising, for example, can help your business get the right advice, apply the right tactics and streamline the process so you don’t come out of a PPC rabbit hole that’s frustrated and angry. Coaches and customer service experts can provide insight into what works and what doesn’t, and show companies how to create and understand a variety of performance reports. The goal of customer service is to take the time to understand your industry and business objectives, so you can provide relevant and specific advice. Integration experts are part of customer service and work with small businesses to create your PPC advertising account from scratch, create your first set of ads, search by keywords, set your budget and help you compete. Customer Service can help entrepreneurs become familiar with the PPC tools, processes and resources that help them successfully manage their ads without outside help. Here are five common interests and how customer service can help small businesses like yours with their PPC campaigns. These two and more scenarios can be solved by contacting Microsoft Advertising or Google Ads customer service or by scheduling an appointment with a PPC trainer. If you’ve been using PPC advertising for some time, coaches can support your campaign by presenting you with the latest features and tools you may not know. Working with a coach can help you get clarity and together they can identify relevant strategies and innovations that have a positive impact on your campaigns. As a small business, you may not have time to actually engage in PPC advertising, but you’re still building a campaign that works for you and your prospects. To win in the search game, your small or medium business needs to be online, easy to find and well adapted to the specific needs of the consumer. “I don’t think customer service understands anything about my business and it’s a lot of trouble. You should be willing to share your story and think about what you want to get out of your different campaigns, but be sure that if you are willing to spend time on it, it certainly won’t be in vain. Working with a trainer can be a great help here because it gives you security.