| Spanish Language – For example in Latin America I’m not

For example, in Latin America I’m not used to hearing or using the word “cafe solo,” but in Spain it seems to be a common way to order espresso. If you’re a big coffee drinker and you’re learning Spanish, I think you’ll enjoy this post on how to order coffee in Spanish. Ordering coffee in Spanish is pretty easy, but it has a lot of possibilities. Not surprisingly, different Spanish-speaking countries have their own vocabulary for coffee. I’ve never been to Spain, but it reminds me of Vietnamese coffee. In Colombia, most people just order a tin, and it’s just a long black coffee. In case you’re still not confused enough, the same sugar is called paneer, chancaca or raspadura, depending on the country you’re in. Whether you’re in Guatemala, Peru or Argentina, I recommend you go to a cafe, order your favorite cup and immerse yourself in the atmosphere.