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Although much of the rural landscape of the eastern region is dotted with oil refineries and miles of roads connecting urban centers and small towns, visitors can enjoy protected natural treasures in seven national parks: Mariusa, El Guacharo Laguna de la Restinga, Cerro El Copey Jovito-Vilba, Paria Peninsula, Mochima and Turuepano. Part of the swamp forests of the Orinoco Delta, this park is home to the delta plains and the large number of manatees that are still common in this area. La Restinga is a shallow lagoon isolated from the Caribbean Sea by sand bars on Margarita Island, making this body of water a geographic curiosity as unusual mangrove vegetation has formed as far as the eye can see. Further east, the landscape becomes lush with jungle and numerous arms of water that join the Orinoco, Venezuela’s largest river. Mariusa offers perhaps the most unique landscape in the region, as it includes the geographic point where the Orinoco River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Because of these natural features, Oriente is sure to be a beacon for vacationers, nature lovers, environmentalists and anyone else who wants to have fun among Mother Earth’s treasures. In Venezuelan street language, “Oriente” is always synonymous with delicious seafood, tasty musical beats and beach vacations in one of the five states that make up the “Oriente region,” literally translated. This eco-friendly region is known for its stunning coastline, vacation and fishing resorts, and all of Margarita Island, one of Venezuela’s most famous tourist attractions. The area includes the Cordillera Oriental, an extension of the country’s coastal mountains to the north, and a region surrounded by uplands to the south. Mangroves are also a natural feature of Turuepano, located in the eastern part of the state of Sucre. In addition to the wide variety of flora and fauna, diving and sailing are some of the most popular activities practiced at the many anchorages along the coast. I am a culture and language enthusiast and a keen foodie. I am very happy to share with all of you my language and culture and, why not, some recipes for our traditional dishes. Eastern Region: Anzoategui, Monagas, Sucre, Nueva Esparta and the Amacuro Delta.