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This increases the diversity of the game by a factor of three and makes the King of Fighters one of the most varied and exciting fighting games of all time. To be honest, you don’t have much else to offer! King of Fighters 95 is another fighting game. KoF is definitely an expert fighting game – the variety of attacks, the variety of characters, the amazing combinations – is really fantastic. At first glance, King Of Fighters 95 is definitely a great fighting game. The home CD version remains the same as the Coin-Op version – like all Neo Geo titles – but the load is even more intense than in King of Fighters 94, a Team Edit mode in which you can choose from 24 fighters and create your own unstoppable destructive power. What’s more, the CPU calculation logic remains as inexpensive and unsatisfactory as ever: it’s definitely a two-player game. This also means that the variety of KoF is now even greater – there are more than 2,000 different team formations possible with 24 fighters. I mention X-Men because this game is accessible for beginners, which is certainly not the case. Apart from Dragoon Might’s lack of Konami, no other fighting game has taken this excellent idea. If you are interested in King of Fighters, it is worth visiting the game rooms. Instead of bringing a fighter into the game, you choose three and take on three different opponents in each round. The most original aspect of KoF has always been the collective aspect of the game.