Nintendo Cancelled Star – Is there any evidence that this

Is there any evidence that this actually happened? Actually, I am convinced that there is another very good reason why Nintendo simply changed its mind, again without any relationship with Netflix. Since Netflix announced its plans for the Legend of Zelda series, reports of what former president Satoru Iwata said at the time “were not based on accurate information.” He said that in 2015 his former employer CollegeHumor worked directly with Shigeru Miyamoto on the Plasticine Star Fox series based on an animated stop-motion adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s novel The Fantastic Mr. Zelda. Netflix probably considered making a live action movie at a time when Castlevania showed that an anime adaptation up its sleeve would have been much better. As a result, Conover says, Nintendo “panicked” and canceled existing plans for the adaptation, including the CollegeHumor series, through no fault of its own. Leaks are common these days, and canceling a project like this just because it “leaked” is very Nintendo. In my opinion, this is a rumor, which will be followed by the usual response from Nintendo and Netflix: we don’t comment on rumors. Nintendo has since been open about the adaptation and is currently working on a “highlight” movie for Super Mario, but unfortunately the leak put an end to both series. Nintendo seems to be very good at preventing leaks of its own products during development, so yes, it’s possible. Even though Nintendo denied it at the time, it seems that there was something in the reports after all. Well, this was the last possibility for a Star Fox adaptation, as it would have been developed during the hype surrounding Zero. I think the biggest obstacle is Nintendo itself – do you want the leak to have consequences? Well, there it is! The same goes for some YouTubers who spoil games with previews because they keep posting leaked videos. Many people judge things based on mere speculation and rumors that feed YouTubers for money and subscriptions.