Long Awaited ‘ – Last month Rocketcat reported that the

Last month, Rocketcat reported that the Wayward Souls Paladin update would be available on iOS on February 4, and had just been released to the App Store as version 1.60 of Wayward Souls. Rocketcat has confirmed that this will likely be the last major update for the iOS version of Wayward Souls Paladin. After the big KIDNEY update for Death Road to Canada, our 2017 game, Rocketcat Games previously announced a big update for our 2014 game Wayward Souls. This update is for Wayward Souls Paladin, allowing you to take the Paladin class into “your” super simple dungeon with a new story, new gear and more. You can unlock Paladin in Lost Souls after completing a Shadow Dungeon or if you get killed 20 times in a dungeon. Wayward Souls is a fast-paced adventure game with great playability. As with other major Wayward Souls updates, the price has been increased and Wayward Souls is now $7.99 on the App Store. This update also brings new music themes, the ability to unlock Cultist without beating Maze in a dungeon dies 20 times. Rocketcat also revealed that there may be a minor iOS update in the future, depending on how that update is received. Unfortunately, it seems that the Android version will not get this update because of some changes in Google Play. An important new difficulty level has been added for monster generation to support the Paladin storyline. Visit the forum thread for more information. Some XenForo features have been developed by Audentio Design. Designed by Audentio.