Kazufumi Shiraishi – They also seek to make Japanese

They also seek to make Japanese literature known in other countries. They work as foreign publishers for writers such as Kazufumi Shiraishi and Randi Taguchi and encourage and accompany writers such as Risa Wataya and Fuminori Nakamura at literary events abroad. After presenting excellent Japanese literature in English speaking countries over the past 15 years, we were very moved when Kodansha spoke to us hoping to win our company for English translation. They also participated in the translation and publication in English of books published by BIBLIOTECA JAPONESA, an international public relations project of the Japanese cabinet office. After the emergency, our company thought about how authors and publishers could work together on a project that would be remembered for many years after its launch. Although we are a smaller company than others, we hope to use our wealth of experience to make these stories accessible to English readers around the world. In recent years, we have focused on translating and publishing Japanese literature abroad, especially in Western countries. A new short book by another author, written in Japan after April 1, 2020, is presented daily in this publication. A translation agency specializing in editorial translations has produced over 2,300 translations. In the publishing world, bookstores and libraries have to close temporarily and massively. Today, the world is engulfed in widespread fear due to the VIDEO 19 pandemic. Our planning has resulted in the online publication of the “Day by Day” series. This has significantly reduced people’s chances of discovering new stories.