Pinball Machine – Pinball machine “Saw” makes a lot of

Pinball machine “Saw builds for deadly reasons. I didn’t like “Saw” movies when they came out, but eventually, seeing many of these movies on cable, I can appreciate some of them as pure horror movies. You represented this formidable character in eight Saw movies. I’m not sure he is involved in the following “Spirals”: from “The Book of Saws,” with the story of actor Chris Rock. An ideal option would be a machine with a transparent wall for drawing the “Saw”. The drain at the bottom of the field can cause a threatening laugh when a player loses the ball. But it is a movie “Saw”, the trailer deliberately reveals little. The pinball machine may contain small pieces of film, some traps and sounds. From the trailer, it looks as if someone imitating Jigsaw has two policemen in his “own” field of vision: the stone plays the role of one of the detectives. Once the player launches the ball with the pen, the creative qualities of the movies can be used endlessly. In the center of the movie is an insurance manager who must perform a series of deadly “games” to save “their” employees. Characteristics and delicate layout allow you to set interesting goals for the franchise, which is both convincing and frightening. The shocking and threatening laughter of the little puppet Saw could be included in the plot of the game. What will The Rock do with the popular franchise? The catapult could be a characteristic part of the puzzle or a trap in the movie.