Painterly Pixel Art – A platformer can be non-violent while

A platformer can be non-violent while “he” has a deep history, adventure, dynamic platform and much more? This is one of the questions we answered while working on the next Even the Ocean. In power plants, obstacles and dangers are used to change the energy level and physics of Aliph’s movement. Even the ocean is an adventure platform where you play Aliph, a government official who repairs power plants. When you touch energy obstacles, you change the “your” alignment – darkness means you run faster; brightness means you jump higher. They travel through the landscape, meet different people and try to restore the balance between the energy of light and that of darkness. The first image of this contribution was an outdoor space near the river and the photo below is an area of a power plant. However, thanks to the support of Ratalaika Games, we are happy to bring Even the Ocean to Xbox One. This is because we wanted to focus on the humanity of these layers, and it is also easier to create square and block-shaped platform layers. And by the way! Even Ocean is one of the first independent games that offers a complete menu with accessibility and gameplay options. You can also notice that these areas are a mosaic of tile-based graphics, just like the older games. Outdoor spaces and power plants. What about the areas of power plants? They are much more blocked and geometric. This bar shows the alignment of the Alipha’s between dark energy and light energy. Look forward to playing Even the Ocean this year! See you next year. Lucky director Sean Han Tani, over. You see, even the ocean is divided into two types of areas.