Ace Attorney Hidden – After five long years it seems that

After five long years, it seems that the Great Ace Lawyer series is moving westward, and while we wait for official announcements to warm up our hopes with these other announcements, it has a promising future ahead of us. On the other hand, this confirms the news that fans have started to believe that this will never happen: both Great Ace Attorney titles will be posted for broadcast in the West. This particular argument is also historic, because in 2011 DP spin-off Ace Attorney Investigations 2 was not localized for similar reasons and remains officially untranslated – although later it was translated by one of the fans. Although to date, this has not been confirmed by Capcom, it confirmed that Ace Attorney 7 is under development and two other collections have been discovered. John H. Watson, Ryunosuke, eventually went to the UK with Assistant Judge Susato Mikotoba to continue “his” “studies”, eventually becoming a criminal lawyer and held several meetings with lawyer Barok von Zieks. The Dual Fate, the Spirit of Justice and the trilogy were timely published in the U.S. and Europe, but were produced only in digital format to minimize losses, while Japan received the full physical package. Despite past successes, Ace Attorney remains a niche product, and since business is Capcom’s number one priority, the company clearly does not want to move forward. Capcom has never officially confirmed the reason for this, and in an interview for The Spirit of Justice, the producer of the Motohide Eshiro series simply stated that “he” was hindered by “a series of circumstances” without specifying which ones. Fortunately, the Japanese version includes English, but it is quite strange that the series, which had as many individual physical releases as the original DS, is not considered popular or profitable enough to justify a physical collection around the world. However, none of the great lawyer’s presentations received a Western addressee. Planned as a new series, it has been carefully analyzed and proved successful enough to justify a new release of 3DS in 2017: Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodo Ryūnosuke not Kakugo – a game that, strangely enough, was recently withdrawn from a Japanese online store. Surprisingly, this approach does not exclude the Great Ace Prosecutor, although the question arises why they did not.