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Our small website, located in Croatia, has been online since March 2012 and is run by two independent music lovers who share with you all the news about offers of computer games, free steam keys and other free games, digital game offers and independent game reviews. Until June 10 2020, you can buy the Humble Manga – the award-winning Kodansha comics on the Humble Pak. Modest Bundle: The winner of the award-winning Kodansha Comics Manga was released on Wednesday, May 20th and can be watched live until Wednesday, June 10th. Epic Games offers FREE copies of Grand Theft Auto V, the legendary cosmopolitan driving action game that starts today at 17:00 CET and runs until May 21, 2020. Take the sleeves as Love Hina, BECK, Parasite, To Eternity, Cosmic Brothers, Your Lies in April and Princess Medusa. A rewarded manga you can play. IndieGameBundles is the world’s first game aggregator. In total, these comics will cost over $1,500. You can read them anywhere.