Language Blog – I usually make a top 10 list but this year

I usually make a top 10 list, but this year I decided to take a big step and present the “Top 20 Spanish Blogs of 2020”! I’ll share half of them today and the rest in a few weeks to end the year. I don’t know about you, but I certainly cooked more this year than the rest! It’s always good to have new recipes, and Anais will share them with you in this fun post. It’s been a tough year for language students like me, who usually like to get out and meet people and practice. That’s why I love Karol post which has lots of good ideas on how to improve your Spanish while you’re safe. It’s good that our readers enjoy the mix of grammar lessons, vocabulary lists, cultural information, listening exercises and travel stories. Looking at this list, it’s good to see the interest in a variety of topics here on the blog. The two Spanish verbs “ask” may mean “to inquire,” but they are used in different situations. They are called extranjersimos, and Anais has been writing them here on the blog all year long. Laura is here to help you understand this post on advanced listening exercises.