Hedgehog Appears – In addition to a short clip of a giant

In addition to a short clip of a giant block built by Sonic Colors Sonic Colors, Sonic Origins, and a new Sonic Team game to be released in 2022 were announced. In between all of this there were a few small teasers, but one that may have been missed was the announcement of a collaboration between Sonic the Hedgehog and Minecraft. While nothing else has been shown or mentioned at this point, it’s likely that we’re talking about a Sonic-themed skin pack or other content for Mojang’s incredibly popular survival game. Did you see the Minecraft X Sonic teaser during the broadcast? Leave a comment below. Earlier this week, Sega hosted the first Sonic Central broadcast. You can read more about some of the details made during “Sonic Central” in our previous article. When he’s not busy paying off his Tom Nook loan, Liam likes to cover the latest Nintendo news and admire his video game collection. Ultimately, he may be like the Super Mario mash-up package we saw. His favorite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but now he prefers to interact with Judd the cat. Random You CanPlay’ Super Mario Bros © 2021 Nlife Media, affiliated with ReedPop. I knew I’d seen it briefly when I watched the presentation. It’s bigger than the NES, and the controls look primitive by today’s standards. You can see it at 3:48 minutes into the broadcast. Roblox is a much better lo-fi game experience.