Trees ’ Offers – Red Tree invites you to explore this small

Red Tree invites you to explore this small town and discover the truth about the forest while enjoying the company of colorful characters. You should explore your small village to collect objects and evidence to enter the forest and identify the source of your city’s torment. What is hidden in the forest? Animal, strange power or something else? When the rabbits go away and people get hurt, you will have to get to the bottom, because no one else wants to take this step. Julia worked for IndieGames. Red Tree was originally released in July 2016, but this new version includes new songs, dialogues and improvements in the game. If you live in a city surrounded by dense forests and where something is hiding, you can be a little nervous. You can’t blame the adults for not wanting to, but you and your protagonist aren’t ready to sit there. Your task is to solve this puzzle because adults don’t do it. All this with a soft Gameboy feel, but with a much better color palette. Oh, the wounded are not very good either. Returning players will win as much as newcomers. By continuing to use this site, you agree to its use. Especially when your favorite rabbits disappear.