Microsoft Announces Xbox – Microsoft has announced its

A recent report showed that video game consoles emit 2.3 million cars a year, equivalent to 12 million tons of carbon. Microsoft has not indicated whether these climate-neutral consoles will be Xbox One Xbox One X or Xbox One X or Xbox Scarlett. “Some of the world’s leading players in the gaming industry, with a total of 970 million players today, have officially pledged to harness the power of their platforms to respond to the climate crisis,” the UN said. PlayStation is also a partner in the UN’s initiative to integrate design features into PlayStation 5, which will allow game owners to consume much less power and preserve the energy value of a small town over time. A report published by the New York Times in 2009 shows that the IT industry is emitting 2% of the world’s carbon footprint and that it is only increasing. Since the commitments were made in 2012, Microsoft has taken steps to achieve carbon neutrality. The video game industry is making a significant contribution to CO2 emissions. Other partners in this initiative are 13 other companies, including Sony Interactive Entertainment, Twitch, Google Stadia, Rovio, Ubisoft and others. Microsoft has also promoted Minecraft’s Building a Better World initiative, which encourages players to create green game structures. IGN India is managed by Fork Media Ltd. under license from IGN Entertainment and its subsidiaries.