Billie Jago – Billy Jago explains how ESAP helps motivate

Billy Jago explains how ESAP helps motivate “their” students as they prepare for the English test. It’s an easy-to-use online lesson program that helps teachers keep students engaged and motivated, and makes it easier and faster to plan effective lessons. “You can have students watch an actual video of a language test and analyze the test takers against the assessment criteria, and then give them feedback in class.” In terms of adult education, a well-structured lesson with a clear purpose and lots of opportunities for language practice is something my students really enjoy and benefit from,” “she” says. “You can also use an online platform like Flipgrid or Padlet if your students want the rest of the class to see or hear their recordings,” “she” adds. We talked to experienced teacher educators Michael Brand, Billy Jago and Magdalena Kania to get their opinions on the ESAP program. We also asked them for their top tips on teaching online. “And if the teacher praises students or eliminates misconceptions in the next lesson, that can also help motivate them,” Brand adds. For Billy, one way to motivate students is to encourage them to use Pearson’s online tools, which give them immediate feedback and grades. When it comes to pushing test takers into home practice, Billy has a lot of creative ideas. “So giving them choices, opportunities, and a range of options, such as questions, works really well with my adult students,” “she” says. Billie also suggests encouraging students to organize their own online discussions in pairs or groups so they can complete assignments. “For example, I like to have students send me something personal, read the answers aloud, and have the rest of the class guess whose answers,” “she” says. She may have several students working at once, such as on an acrostic poem with the class title written on the board. She says students are often more motivated and engaged in class when they feel responsible for their own learning and work at a pace that suits them. Teachers are very busy people, and using ESAP to plan our lessons can significantly reduce the workload,” “he” says.