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A third party navigation game released for Nintendo Hybrid system made frequently asked questions available on the official The First Tree website. The First Tree is a short game with a platform, puzzles and no enemies. The trailer above, showing some game moments, also has some good music. First Tree by David Wehle is available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. The single part of the First Tree will take about 2 hours, as described in the App Store. I haven’t played The First Tree yet, but when I saw it on Steam or eShop, the screenshots were great. You can pre-order The First Tree of the App Store for iOS here. The First Tree tells two parallel stories. The first story is about a fox trying to find his family, and the second is about a son trying to contact his father in Alaska. It is currently available for $9.99 on other platforms and costs $4.99 on App Store phones. Orders are available in real time on the App Store for global launch on November 18. David also confirmed that there will be driver support on cell phones. Some XenForo features have been developed by Audentio Design. It really looks like a game that suits me like “Journey”. See the Google Play page here. Developed by Audentio.