Hearthstone ’ Version – Blizzard unveiled its last major

Blizzard unveiled its last major Hearthstone expansion, Madness last November at Black Moon Fair, but today announced a change in the pace of new content releases: a mid-season update and a new card minigame. Player rankings in the Casual and Heroic categories will be revised, and the new Dark Moon Race minigame mentioned above will be added to the set of selectable cards you can use to create your first 15-card dueling game. A full description of the details and new cards can be found on the Hearthstone blog, and you can see some of the new Dark Moon Race in action in the trailer below. Yes, instead of waiting for the next big expansion, Black Moon Fair and the new Duel mode get a little boost in version 19. 4 stickers will be released later this week. In addition, each class will have access to a new heroic power and three new branded treasures, including two-classed branded treasures, as well as 4 new passive treasures and 2 new active treasures to complete their game in between games. You’ll also see a more general overview of Update 19 4, which includes many new features for the battlefield, arena rotations, numerous bug fixes, and a preview of the next chapter of Hearth Heroes, due out February 2. For a full review of all the new hero powers, branded treasures, and active and passive treasures, check out the Hearthstone blog. The first part is the Darkmoon Races mini-set, which will include 35 new cards. The other major component of Hearthstone’s 19.4 update is a mid-season update to Duel mode. In addition, for the first time, all 66 charts can be purchased in one package for $14.99 or $2,000 gold. Hearthstone Update 19.4 will be released this Thursday, January 21. PreviousArcade Round-Up SwitchArcade :Scott Pilgrim vs. some XenForo features created by Audentio Design. Developed by Audentio.