Krzysztof Chomicki – We talked to Krzysztof Chomicki game

We talked to Krzysztof Chomicki, game and level designer for Carrion to discuss what was needed to create the 2020 monster simulator. He hired Sebastian for a project that was eventually abandoned, but at the time Sebastian was working on his game called Butcher, and Mikhail liked it so much that he decided to produce it and release it under the name Transhuman Design. As soon as we thought that the monster would learn new skills while playing, opening new areas and solving puzzles, it seemed natural to take a more or less metropolitan approach. The team behind the game is the Polish creator of Phobia Game Studio, whose members have already provided the 2D platform tool Butcher. And in Carrion, Los Angeles, video game and film composer Chris Velasco joined our team. In the Butcher case, we used our own level editor to develop the game. Carrion is a reverse horror game in which you play the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origin. Gravity is taken for granted, and once you’re out of the game, you suddenly have to find a new way to create challenges, obstacles and puzzles for the monster. So Sebastian found out that it would be easier for he to write something from scratch, so the game will feel good on low-specialized hardware when he has at least 60 frames per second without falling out of sight. As for the slightly weakened control, I think they work pretty well on the narrative level, because even if you want to exclude a soldier or a scientist from the group and eventually kill everyone, well, what can you do? I think that’s one of the disadvantages of being a monster. I am a game-designer and level designer in Phobia Game Studio. When we introduced the game at E3, we didn’t record everything, and even people complained that we had to listen to the same samples over and over again. We liked the collaboration so much that we decided to create our own studio, and that’s how the phobia and the main team behind Carrión was born. It’s not that we knew the game would sell more than a piece of ground meat. Probably it would have been a real game of terror, and we didn’t want our game to scare the player.