English Benchmark Young – The AI engine we use to evaluate

The AI engine we use to evaluate our “Versant”, “English Standards for Young Students” and our other digital performance tests are completely free from bias. Just a few years ago, there were some concerns about the role of artificial intelligence in evaluating English proficiency and the computer’s ability to accurately evaluate language tests. Remote scrolling adds an additional level of security, so test administrators can rest assured that students taking the test at home will not cheat on their Versant tests. We recently launched a new remote assessment product for young students called “English Standards for Young Students” and “Standards and Level for Adolescents and Adults”. If you want to learn more about the role of artificial intelligence in English language assessment, check out the entries in our webinar series and visit Pearson’s English Evaluation Information page. Pearson English language assessments are highly scalable and do not require additional time from evaluators, no matter how many candidates you have. Pearson’s Versant Tests, for example, has been offering automated language tests for nearly 25 years. The advantage for teachers and schools is that they can test hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of students at a time and get immediate results. Last but not least, our survey participants mentioned the price advantage of automated testing solutions such as Versant, Benchmark and Level. We use massive answer and test result data sets to teach our artificial intelligence training technology to evaluate tests in the same way that human factor evaluators do. This means that numerical scores such as Versaant, Benchmark and Level can lead to immediate changes in the results. But today thousands of teachers around the world use automated language tests to assess their students’ language skills. Now we would like to tell you what our colleagues think about numerical assessment and automated scoring. Our goal was to find ways to use Pearson English assessments to help teachers help their students reach their full potential. This summer, we conducted a series of weekly workshops called Pearson Summer English Assessment Sessions.