Frida Kahlo Works – Before I continue with the story of her

Before I continue with the story of her life and her tumultuous relationship with Diego Rivera, I would like to share with you some famous works and quotes by Frida KahloKahlo. As I mentioned in a previous post, Frida Kahlo began painting to pass the time while “recovering” from the many injuries she suffered in a bus accident. In my last post, I introduced the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and discussed her early in her life. This painting clearly shows Diego’s influence on Frida and “her work.” It depicts Frida on the border between her homeland and the place where she and Diego lived for several years. Painted in 1940, shortly after her divorce from Diego Rivera, this painting is highly symbolic. Painted in 1926, it references Botticelli’s painting “The Birth of Venus. “Click here to see it and learn more. I hope you enjoyed this post with a review of Frida Kahlo’s paintings and quotes. Frida Kahlo was not only an incredibly talented painter, but also a very expressive artist. At the time in Mexico, they had different social strata, including a blue-eyed gringo in a suit with a bag of money. After graduating from Michigan State University, she moved to China, where she lived, worked, studied and traveled for over five years. I will continue to tell the story of her life in the next post.