Wider World – In this video series you will see a

In this video series you will see a demonstration of how to conduct online lessons for teenagers using the structure of the Extended World and ESAP Michael is also a live instructor for Pearson and the BBC: online courses that bring together groups of teenagers from around the world. The class takes part in listening, reading and writing exercises, so students learn the target language using four skills. Through automatic assessment, your students receive instant feedback and can view their results online and correct any weaknesses in their next online course. This is similar to how we teach in a traditional classroom, but it takes into account the digital tools that will be used to teach the distance learning course. When Michael enters the classroom phase, he introduces the target language and controlled practice. Combined with our ActiveTeach presentation tool and a video conferencing platform such as Zoom, this is an effective way to learn online. At the beginning of the lesson, Michael asks students to say a few words to describe their feelings. In our Introduction to ESAP article you can read more about how each level works: engaging students in online courses. Let’s see how ESAP is used in this class with Michael and a group of Spanish students. Learn more about ESAP for online education with Lindsay Warwick’s educational videos. There are also several webinars that use examples of lessons from around the world to develop assessment skills, interactivity and the use of authentic material in teaching teenagers. To help students practice at home, Michael shows them how to access the MyEnglishLab. Students point to each other to ask and answer questions so that students can have more control over the language and practice it. Michael simulates the exercise and the students complement it with a competitive element as a motivational tool. After studying in England and Spain, he has experience in public, private and government funded sectors and trains youth, teenagers and adults.