Faster Language Hacking – Language Hacking German helps you

Language Hacking German you learn German step by step with language hints. In Language Hacking German you will find many more conjugations. If you wait until you can perfectly conjugate all German verbs before you start speaking German, you will be waiting a long time. Tell your story in the present tense. People do it in English all the time, and you can do it in German, too. Waiting for a pedestrian signal on a street corner, looking out the window during a long bus ride, standing in line at the supermarket, and trying to pretend you’re not looking at tabloid covers are all valuable moments for learning German. English is a Germanic language, so English and German have a lot in common. Starting September 27, my new book, Language Hacking German, will be available in bookstores around the world. That’s how Language Hacking German came to be. Buy your copy of Language Hacking German today. Every time you have to say “reisen” in a conversation in German, this image will pop into your mind, and you will immediately remember that it means “journey”. If you are learning German in English, you are in luck. If you are just beginning to learn German, you simply cannot speak as eloquently and subtly as you do in English.