Kitfox Games – Joel has played independent games for the

Joel has played independent games for the past seven years on several websites including, Siliconera Gamasutra, Warp Door, CG Magazine and more, and has written books on Undertale and P.T. over the past seven years. Joel is constantly looking for digital experiences that go beyond what games can be and are trying to plunge into the creative process, from the meanings and emotional work of artists. This week we talked to Tanya X Short from Kitfox Games about how they can use their years of experience in marketing and promoting their games to make their work easier. In the five years that we’ve published and promoted the games, Kitfox has learned a lot about the PC and console market and, perhaps most importantly, we’ve created a growing audience and a growing community. Now that I’m a game developer and can release only one game a year, I have to give priority to games that will certainly attract Kitfox’s audience. So if there are spectators like moon hunters, veiled islands or friends’ dungeons, there’s a good chance we’re ready for such a game. We’re mostly game developers, but in 2017 we released The Shrouded Isle and announced that we’ve released Six Ages: Rolling like the wind. I’m not looking for anything right now! But I think it’s the same for us and the other publishers: we want games that please our fans. In my imagination, every developer recognizes that marketing and community are part of the development process and takes care of their own brand, social networks and others. Usually our games are some kind of hybrid RPG, which means that we have access to hundreds of thousands of players who may be interested in the new system RPG. You have an amazing and unique game, it will be an honor for them to enjoy their hard work. Be less careful about them and be more careful when you understand who is the audience of your game and that the publisher is already reaching this audience. In any case, Captain Kitfox Games. Anyway, Kitfox Games: I am Tanya X.