Titans Destroys – For seven years Joel has been working on

For seven years Joel has been working on independent games for various websites such as IndieGames.com, Siliconera Gamasutra, Warp Door, CG Magazine and many others, and has also written research on Undertale and P.T.. Joel is constantly looking for digital experiences that push the boundaries of what games can be, trying to explore the creative process, meanings and emotional work that comes to the work of artists from around the world. Test Titans proposes to demolish several cities, as well as forms of local collaboration in cases where one monster is not enough. In Test Titans you can create your own colossal monsters in a laboratory, and then guide them to cause damage in some very vulnerable cities. The creator of Jettomero is once again exploring the lives of giant creatures, but this time “he” wants you to use your destructive abilities instead of trying to protect them all. You don’t use massive animals, but before you step on buildings, you create a special monster in your lab. You don’t want to starve to death or be captured before you can do much damage to the city, do you? Also, if you succeed, you can unlock upgrades for your lab, which will allow you to create even more powerful monsters. These monsters consist of a series of potential body parts that come together to form their special urban shredder. If your friend steals one of your potential dishes, you can also fight with “him” in four-player casting game to see which monster is the strongest. The Titans Tube is now available as a pair. It’s not as if you’re not challenging, because you’ll have to defeat these members enough to get rid of the law and eat people to save your strength. All this seems to be a very good time for anyone who has ever dreamed about a life like Godzilla. Constantinos D.