RESET C64 Craptastic – Many thanks to the participants

Many thanks to the participants, judges, sponsors and everyone who made Reset64 2020 4kb Craptastic Game our most successful competition to date! Thanks to Richard Bayliss for putting together the official collection album again. Thanks again to the sponsors of Compo: Bitmap Books, Protovision, Fusion Retro Books, Freeze64, K&A Plus, Puddlesoft, Megastyle and Ready64. This year’s expert judges are Rob Caporetto, Andrew Fisher, Raj Singh, Richard Tappenden, Paul Coller, Louis Dimowski and Andrew Hayes. There were great differences between the different reviews of the jury, which show how very different concepts attract very different people! In general, the competition was fierce, and individual ratings were not very different. Each of these games was a great achievement, and both novices and experienced programmers were happy to participate and explore their ideas. Without the judges who played each of the 38 games, criticized and thoroughly analyzed, we would not have been successful. It was an unbelievable competition, with record 38 records at the moment. Please visit and support the sponsors of the competition. Comments from the judges and more detailed information about each game will be published soon.