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Online since March 2012, our little Croatian site is run by just 2 people passionate about indie games and eager to bring you all the news about PC game bundles, free Steam keys and other free games, digital game offers and indie game reviews. Players lead Rommel Africa Corps in its last major campaign, commanding British and American armies in an attempt to drive the Axis armies out of Africa once and for all. The German Afrika Korps, recovering from losses after the crushing defeat and withdrawal that followed the Second Battle of El Alamein, was again preparing–reinforced and now supported by the Italian army–to fight steel with the Allies. The Axis forces, commanded by the legendary General Erwin Rommel, had a unique opportunity to regain victory after their previous failures. This is a DRM-free copy, which means you can download it, save it and keep it forever without the need for customers like Steam or the Epic Games Store. IndieGameBundles is the world’s first aggregator of game bundles. Theater of War 2: Africa 1943 covers the events of 1943 in Tunisia, North Africa. Simply go to the IndieGala store and select “add to library.” Once you’ve added it to your library, you can download it by clicking “Showcase” on your profile. You can see the rest of IndieGala’s gifts on this page.