Versant Professional English – The Versant Professional

The Versant Professional English test is automatically scored using Pearson’s patented AI scoring technology. The Versant Professional English test is a comprehensive language proficiency test. It can be used to assess students’ language skills in professional development programs and business English courses. The Versant Professional English test has two levels of difficulty to make sure it is tailored to the student’s abilities. The questions are designed to assess both an employee’s level of English proficiency and “his” or “her” ability to handle a variety of real-life situations in the workplace. Candidates can take the Versant Professional English test on a computer anytime, anywhere. This allows candidates to demonstrate their ability to use a combination of business and social language skills. Learn more about the Versant Test of Professional English and request a sample exam now. The platform then analyzes it all to provide extensive information about the candidate’s language skills. In addition, score reports include suggestions for improvement and recommended activities to help students achieve their English language career goals. The test also assesses candidates’ ability to handle a variety of work situations, including professional and social interactions with clients and colleagues. The test measures four key skills for effective communication in English: speaking, listening, reading and writing. It allows language trainers and human resource managers to effectively assess the progress of employees and English language learners. The test questions are designed based on real-life work scenarios typical of international work environments. We have developed our scoring models using hundreds of thousands of responses from English language learners and native speakers to ensure reliable results.