Gold Experience – The second edition of our very popular

The second edition of our very popular Golden Experience Teen Course has not only a special color “Your World Resource Pack”, but also many new features! These include updated Cambridge 2020 exam questions, a practical application for each student, editable grammar presentations and access to the Pearson English portal. The second edition of the Golden Experience includes exciting and challenging entry questions with a fascinating introductory photo, inspiring quotes and discussion questions to encourage students to reflect on a section topic and use the existing vocabulary for the course. If you are using the second edition of the Gold Experience course, you can use the questions that appear before and after class. Poster questions are best if you introduce your students to the language of the translation in advance so they know what to expect when they answer. Ask students to write all the objects they have seen on the poster in English. Each resource kit also includes a set of question cards related to the topic of the poster. Before using the cards, it is important to explain to students what skills in the 21st century will be the focus of this activity. You can ask students to work in closed pairs with someone who is close to them, or in open pairs where they work with one partner and then compare the answers with others. Remember to look for a new color for your Global Resource Kit every month.