Get Skyforge – First of all I’d like to say that I didn’t

First of all, I’d like to say that I didn’t play this game on Xbox like I did on PS4 Play as an immortal with the ability to move from one class to another and master incredible celestial powers to protect the planet from invasion! – You are the ultimate line of defense – fight online invasions with players from all over the world! – Explore an immersive universe with incredible content in over 100 different locations. Note that the keyword here is “played”. “With your fist, it will look like a great game. Not to mention this game, STILL is full of flaws, some of which I remember I was present when the game first came to the console. A multiplayer game that doesn’t even allow you to play with your friends. Lazy developers are obviously more interested in making as much money as possible with the players than in making their game enjoyable. After paying money for weapons and mounts, participating in the repetitive invasion game and losing friends through better games, my faith, money and time were rewarded by an indifferent support team. Don’t get me wrong, microtransactions are very present in this game, but there is no need to win. This game may not be a rough diamond, but it is a real gem.