Power Verbs – I will concentrate on using the verb “for”

I will concentrate on using the verb “for” because that is how you can use the verb “for” as a powerful verb. If you are new to the language, a good start is to learn “power verbs”. The Power Verbs are the most important verbs that are used daily. I spent a few weeks in Puerto Vallarta learning Power Verbs in Spanish, and it helped me to gain confidence to order food, take a cab, and do all the other basic things. Now do you understand why you can call a “going” power verb in Spanish? For the last exercise, try to ask yourself some questions. This year I am going to study Spanish in Mexico. It has been a long time since I wrote about power verbs in Spanish, now it is your turn! Let’s see if you can make positive statements with the verb “go”. This is the difference between “go” and “take”. “It will make more sense after you see some examples”. The verbir’ is one of the most used verbs in Spanish, so it is a very useful verb for exercises. The problem is that it is also very irregular. I have been in Latin America for several years and nobody uses it here, so I will not use this very form. To make negative statements, just say “no” to the correct verb power form. You are not going to read the newspaper this morning. I will not go to the market tomorrow.