Ultimate Writing Assistant – In addition to general advice

In addition to general advice on fluency, Grammarly Premium now offers personalized written suggestions on topics commonly found among Spanish, Hindi Mandarin Mandarin, French, and German speakers. With a glossy new look that organizes suggestions on importance and topic, easy access to grammar detector, and really cool new writing tips, it’s never been easier to improve your writing before you send it to the world. We’ve updated the Grammarly browser extension to guide you through the review process and help you understand how your email is likely to be received by the reader. Grammarly Premium helps multi-lingual speakers get the most out of English with individual suggestions for improving grammar and idiomatic expression. Grammarly Premium identifies phrases that may make you sound dangerous, unfriendly, too negative or rude, and offers alternatives to change the tone of your voice. Grammar Premium users have access to a wide range of sentences with emphasis on clarity, tone, formatting, etc. But Grammarly Premium can help you even better with formatting suggestions focused on readability. Take advantage of new grammar editing tools and writing tips. Grammarly Premium can also define important dates and deadlines that you mention in your text, and recommends highlighting them in bold. If you want your text to be brilliant, Grammar has always been there to help you find what you need to fix or change. Whether you are working on an important email, resume, or masterpiece of a report, Grammar is always there to help you make your text understandable and effective. You’ll also see a predicted grammar tone at the bottom of the floating sidebar, so the reader is likely to interpret the overall tone of your message. In the sidebar, you’ll find all the typical grammar comments, including sentences for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word choices. In the absence of physical suggestions or facial expressions, it is too easy for the reader to interpret your tone of voice as anger if you are simply trying to convey a short, accurate message. By default, the sentences you see will have the greatest impact on your writing, according to your goals. But what about really confusing phrases? Grammatically Premium can now offer a complete rewrite of sentences for confusing phrases.