Digital Literacy – Webquests are mini online challenges

Webquests are mini online challenges where students have to go online and – using different sources – find information to achieve a goal. Digital literacy covers a range of skills, including Internet and know how to evaluate the information they find and decide whether or not it is reliable. Many people have difficulty judging what is real and what is not in their native language. So you can imagine how complicated it is for language learners to know what information is reliable. But without digital literacy, the Internet can be a difficult – and sometimes dangerous – space for learners to explore. Educators have a responsibility to send students into the online world with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed online. It is an invaluable tool for second language learners who can access materials in their second language that students could only dream of twenty or thirty years ago. Developing this understanding of the Internet is essential today and will only become more important as our students progress through school and college and then begin their careers. The Internet gives us access to information on absolutely every subject imaginable. That’s where digital literacy comes in. People who write down incorrect information usually avoid giving their names. When in doubt, you can do a reverse image search by copying and pasting the image address into Google Images. Here are some fun and educational web testing activities you can do with your students. Of course, it is very difficult for students to orient themselves on their L2.