Get Free Advice – Iain Garner CEO of another Indian game

Iain Garner, CEO of another Indian game publisher, offers free advice to new independent game developers! Every Wednesday in November, he will organize these sessions through online calls. Gardner began his career as a media manager at Another India, but quickly worked his way through business development and marketing before becoming CEO. Some of the games released by Another Indie are Elden: The Path of the Forgotten, Ninths and Psychopathic Yuppies. By advising these companies, he hopes to share his experience in implementing the games to facilitate the process for small developers. He likes to work on independent projects because he likes to work with teams that develop a product that they like and believe in. He started this initiative because he doesn’t want big games to fall apart. If you want to make an appointment with Gardner, please use the link here. NGI talked to Gardner about this new company, and here are some highlights of his conversation.