Pearson English Portal – We presented three interesting new

We presented three interesting new updates to Pearson’s English language Pearson portal: an integrated video conferencing system, new interactive ebooks and a test generator. With the onset of the pandemic and the closure of international schools, it became clear that our mission at Pearson is to support teachers in their work while ensuring that students around the world have ready access to education, even in these exceptional circumstances. Our digital and innovative product team has worked to improve the English language Pearson portal – and now we would like to introduce three exciting new updates. Gold Stars show where students can access audio, video and interactive events on one page. We have increased the number of e-book courses, with audio and video files available to students at the place where the page is used. We have also added interactive e-book activities to some of our courses to further engage students: Read text, watch videos and perform actions in the same place. Plan and run video conference sessions, zoom in on the portal, create a calendar and send automatic notifications and reminders to your students. Also discover our interactive eBooks, full of fun activities that students can use in class or to study on their own. The integration of video conferencing into the Pearson English portal is a great help in terms of teaching practice. Although young students are familiar with this technology – they use phones and laptops, the biggest challenge at the moment is how to support the educational community. Students can use interactive e-books and e-books for self-study or use them in the classroom, assuming that the most important use for students is at home. With schools around the world closed, demand for distance learning products and models is at least ten times higher. However, questions will be random, so that no two students will pass the same test, minimizing the risk of fraud. When I want to check the progress of my students, I can start the test on the LMS portal, which will be visible to all my students. Make learning and distance learning easier, more interesting and interactive for students. When Covid-19 made the world isolated, it also pushed teachers and students out of their comfort zone.