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While you can control Game Builder Garage with a Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Pro, or Nintendo Switch Lite controller**, you can also create games with a compatible mouse connected to the Nintendo Switch USB Dock port. Game Builder Garage has dozens of Nodons, each with a unique function, and you can learn to create games by connecting them in different ways. Have you ever dreamed of creating your own video game? That dream can become a reality with Game Builder Garage, which will be released June 11 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. For example, you can create and move a humanoid character with an analog stick by connecting Stick Nodon to Person Nodon! It’s a fun and intuitive way to learn the basics of game programming. Now that this new program is available on Nintendo eShop and in stores in Australia and New Zealand, kids, parents, and everyone else! – can learn how to create their own video games and share them in a fun way. In free programming mode, they can bring their own game ideas to life and put all the skills learned in the lessons to the test. You’ll meet the colorful and eccentric Nodon, who teaches you the basic concept of visual programming step by step in interactive lessons that you can do at your own pace. If you need some inspiration, you can share games with friends and family and download them over the Internet or a local wifi connection. * It’s a great way to showcase your own creations, as well as watch games created by other players. When you first start Game Builder Garage, you can start with Lesson Mode. These lessons are designed to be fun and engaging, and are suitable for players of all experience levels. In between, there are checkpoints where players can test their knowledge by solving small puzzles or problems. With the push of a button, you can go from the programming screen to the game screen to quickly test your creation and see how it works. Nodons are powerful creatures that help you create games from scratch. For more information, visit the Nintendo Support site. This control option may be easier for people who like the feel of a mouse when navigating a program.