Best Beat-Em-Up Games – Double Dragon River City Final

Double Dragon, River City Final Fight, and Streets of Rage are all great representatives of the beat-em-up genre. One of the best things about a good game of this genre is how your tension fades with each beat-em-up, and FightN Rage is a fantastic way to do that. The battles have depth and momentum, the enemies use an interesting variety of tactics without being simple, and while the presentation is not as pretty as in other games, you get the style you want. It’s a great way to rediscover old favorites or play some of the genre’s best games for the first time. It can’t compete with the other games on this list in terms of action, but as a Double Dragon game it’s good. Capcom BeatEm Up Bundle combines seven of Capcom’s best arcade games and adds features like online multiplayer, region selection for each game, and a great art gallery. In terms of gameplay, this is a serious attempt to expand on the model that River City Ransom was years ago, and while I don’t think it’s a total success, it’s definitely a lot of fun. Not surprisingly, many modern games follow in the thematic footsteps of River City Ransom, requiring you to cross city streets and fight off mobsters. If you’re looking for a modern game in which ancient warriors rape their opponents with deadly weapons, then Wulverblade is for you. The beat-em-up genre owes a lot to the Lee brothers, but I think it’s fair to say that their adventures were very uneven in quality. Final Fight was one of the early stars of the genre, and later games like Armed Warriors and Battle Circuit show how far Capcom has come over the years. FightN Rage manages what many other games fail to do. Unlike the cartoonish atmosphere of Streets of Rage 4 and River City Girls, Mother Russia Bleeds is very, very dark. Nevertheless, any game in which killed enemies explode in crazy, insane piles would be somewhere on my list.