Independence | – This dish consists of Chilean pomblano

This dish consists of Chilean pomblano stuffed with a mixture of beef and pork, nuts and dried fruits, covered with absolutely delicious cream of nuts and decorated with pomegranate seeds and parsley. I think we will never know if the dish was really served with human meat, but this dish is dated from the Spanish invasion, which makes it so important for the celebration of independence. In the cookery book “Larousse: Classics of Mexican Cooking chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita explains that this dish existed before the signing of independence and was usually passed from mother to daughter. It is said that a group of nuns or sisters created this dish when Mexican general and politician Agustin de Iturbide stayed in a monastery or holiday home after signing the Declaration of Independence. Another typical dish to enjoy on Independence Day is gilding. If you are in Mexico during the Independence Day celebrations and want to taste one of the best dishes, I recommend the Azul restaurant, run by the chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita. If you want to try it yourself, the aforementioned Larussa cookbook offers two great recipes. This year we celebrate 212 years of independence; if you want to know more about the struggle for independence and the celebrations, you can read this article I wrote. The most popular and, frankly, some of the most beautiful dishes are Chile and Nogada. The Aztecs considered corn a sacred ingredient and reserved this dish for special occasions. September is a very colorful month in Mexico! Wherever you go, the Mexican flag is proud to fly to celebrate our independence from Spain. The dish contains ingredients that are in the high season and show the colors of the flag. Here is a brief history of this iconic Mexican dish. Not only delicious chili and nougat is served, but also every year, when it is served, a new “ceremony” takes place. I am a writer, reader, language teacher, traveler and food lover! Now I live in the Netherlands with my husband Riccardo, our cat Mona and our dog Lisa, and this experience is phenomenal.