Meteorological Society AMS – AMS on Air a podcast of the

AMS on Air, a podcast of the American Meteorological Society will be presented by Irene Sanz and Dakota Smith, meteorologists, and Jeff Rosenfeld, Editor-in-Chief of BAMS. We offer you stories, news and research on climate, water and climate and focus on the people who make it possible. He has worked in this field in various sectors, including emergency management, private consulting, and television and radio stations in the United States and Latin America. He is also a visiting fellow at the National Centre for Atmospheric Research, where “he” studies the interaction between the social sciences and meteorology. She is an independent meteorologist and a full-time digital meteorologist on Channel 9 of WFTV in Orlando, Florida. Dakota holds a master’s degree in atmospheric science from Colorado and a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from Penn. Jeff Rosenfeld is Editor-in-Chief of the American Meteorological Society Bulletin. Dakota Smith is a meteorologist and producer at WeatherNation. Before joining AMS, “he” worked as an independent scientific editor and editor-in-chief of Weathe else. He barely remembers the 1974 Jumbo mission, but will never forget to attend Ted Fujita’s presentation on the AMS meeting. Irene Sanz is a certified bilingual AMS meteorologist. Dandy’s Little Monsters of The Zombie Dandies is licensed under a license to use. The purpose of staying with William Ross is to have a distribution license. The relationship between forest fires and the climate with Dr. M.