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You will also learn a small grammar, which refers to the simple verb and the TE verb, the most commonly used verb in everyday speech. In this podcast you will learn useful verbs to talk about your daily life. These verbs are often used in informal conversations during the day, so they are worth studying. The dialogues in this lesson will also teach you to change the nuances of what you say, the particles that are usually found at the end of the sentence. If you learn this, you will look much more natural when you speak Japanese. B : During breaks I love bento and spend time with my mobile phone. B: Kyukeijikang will wait until the jikang or jibusu yo moves on to the next stage. You will also learn how to use them together when describing the actions in the series. B: Shichi Gi, okay, kao about aratta, asagoan de taberu. Click here to cancel the answer. Sleep a cigarette, a shitty lake, a cigoto or an iku yo. B: I wake up at 7 a.m., wash up and have breakfast. So I get dressed, make up and go to work.