Course – – I have taught Spanish in England and Spain and

I have taught Spanish in England and Spain and now I enjoy teaching Spanish to students from all over the world through my website, El Blog Español. We start by learning appropriate grammar and vocabulary, and then see if we can have a short audio conversation in Spanish. Don’t worry if you don’t understand, repeat the vocabulary and phrases, and you’ll soon be up to date and ready for your next course. In this class we will learn a vocabulary and idioms related to common Spanish proverbs that are familiar to us. This is my dad’s favorite bar! I’m sure “he” will invite you to the callus team. In 2004, I graduated from school as a Spanish teacher. Many times I stopped eating meat, but it is like talking to a wall. I like my works and the subtleties of Spanish. You must click on the link in the e-mail to confirm your request. I am a vegetarian and I want my father to stop eating animals. Do you understand what they say? Play the sound a few times before looking at the transcript.