Ace Attorney – The three took it upon themselves to create

The three took it upon themselves to create costumes that fit their characters specifically. “Miles made the entire suit from scratch to fit, Phoenix designed the t-shirt and printed it, and I, as Larry opened my closet and pulled out an undershirt and shorts,” Fluffyduckyp wrote on Reddit. Hopefully Ace Attorney fans will remember the heartwarming story of the friendship between Phoenix Wright attorney Miles Edgeworth and lovable jerk Larry Butz. In the photos taken by Peegion Photography, Phoenix Wright is played by Mangalover93, Larry Butz by Fluffyduckyp, and Miles Edgeworth by Cephal_Xin. It started with a simple breach of discipline, for which Wright was held responsible and Edgeworth was introduced as his plush protector; it ended with the first two becoming lawyers and Larry Butz turning into a woman-hating troublemaker. The “trial of class,” as it was called, is told in the series as a turning point for Edgeworth and Wright, through hazy, sunny vignettes. We already have Phoenix Wright vs. Professor Layton, so where is Phoenix Wright vs. Danganrompa? Or just a port of Danganrompa on Switch, which would also be nice so we can play the series at some point. Given that everyone over 30 is considered old in Ace Attorney, it’s not surprising that the sidekicks aren’t as old as you’d expect, either. Despite their youthful appearance, the three cosplayers were in their early twenties when the photos were taken. These are authentically recreated vignettes of the three sidekicks, taken several years ago. I had no idea that Phoenix had my favorite hairstyle. Kate has written for the official Nintendo magazine, GameSpot and Xbox UK, and now writes all over the Internet. She moved to Canada a few years ago, but imports tea from England because she has good priorities. “Our average height is 5’7,” Fluffy says. It’s weird, but the characters look great. 2021 Nlife Media, subsidiaries of ReedPop.