Guide | – You probably wonder why the question “What is

You probably wonder why the question “What is your name” should be answered by “What is your name” and not by “What is your name”. That’s just the way it is. For example, let’s take my passage entitled “What is Mexican Food,” which means “What is Mexican Food? Originally I had it titled “What is Mexican Food?”, but it has been corrected and changed. Although the term “which” is often translated as “what”, it is often used in questions where the word “what” is used in English. It literally means, “What is your name? There is a good beginner’s wikibook that covers this topic for more practice – after all, a conversation begins when you ask questions! To give advanced users a little more practice in asking questions in Spanish, you can read this post. You may also have learned to ask “What’s your name” if you want to know someone’s name. If you guessed “Does “he” have a dog?” then you’re right. In this article, I challenge you to read and answer the questions in Spanish. This is not the only example where the how is used to ask a “what” question. I made up these questions with the help of my teacher when I was learning Spanish in Puerto Vallarta. I hope this beginner’s guide to asking questions in Spanish was helpful. Speaking of practice before looking at some examples, I challenge you to find a question using one of the words above.