Even as offices reopen and employees return employers

Even as offices reopen and employees return, employers increasingly have to think about how to use business communications technology intelligently to stay competitive and meet customer needs. Using the right technology for business communications is not just about following current trends. It’s about preparing for the future and making sure your business can take advantage of greater scalability and better communication methods in the years to come. Grammarly is a digital communications assistant that uses advanced technology to provide information and suggestions that can dramatically improve the quality of your organization’s written communications. Simply put, digital communication assistants like Grammarly are versatile tools that can help you improve many aspects of your business. If you’d like to learn more about how Grammarly Business can improve your communication and technology strategies, contact us today. Advances in business communication technology have accelerated in recent years. Using technology to facilitate communication and collaboration between teams allows them to do quality work more effectively. The relationship between business, communication and technology is symbiotic. Tools like Grammarly allow team members to maximize communication across multiple channels, including internal collaboration platforms as well as email, social media, text messaging and more. Digital communication tools like Grammarly can increase the efficiency, engagement and responsiveness of colleagues and customers. These revolutionary inventions have had a huge impact on internal and external business communications. The robot guides customers through the basics of ordering glasses by answering questions such as “What information do I need to order?” and “How do I send a prescription?” This allows the company’s customer service staff to focus on solving more complex customer problems. But you don’t have to be Bill Gates to use technology to streamline business communications. A customer who has interacted with a satisfied, enthusiastic employee is likely to leave satisfied – and just as likely to return and recommend your company to others. Modern workplace collaboration platforms like Trello and Slack include elements that allow you to communicate faster and more effectively within your company.

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