It is important that the learning material contains these

It is important that the learning material contains these “lost stories. This helps students develop a richer and more diverse view of society and its participants. Are BIPOC employees also represented in educational products? The guide recommends that all course materials include people from different ethnic backgrounds and are presented on an equal basis. These guidelines are an important step in ensuring that Pearson distributes materials and courses. As the world’s leading educational publishing house, Pearson distributes materials that are taught in more than 70 countries. This means you can be sure that the materials you teach to your students will reach their full potential. Negative associations are exaggerated when adverse characteristics or traits are repeatedly associated with people who belong to ethnic minorities. This is not because their contribution is less important, but because a long history of racism has deliberately limited and ignored their contribution to society. In addition, children are also victims of racism from their peers in school, with one in three children in an Australian study suffering from racial discrimination. Educational texts often refer to BIPOC as helpless victims of their “own” deprivation. Pearson has taken responsibility for our general editorial guidance and is proud to have included it as a necessary addition. We have also thought carefully about how to put this into practice, both within our company and in the training materials we produce.