Primary Academy How – How can you help parents help their

How can you help parents help their children learn? The 18 Learning Kits contain all the materials parents need for an entire week: a carefully selected set of Primary Academy materials, including videos, songs, worksheets, games, assignments, craft materials, a parent’s guide, goals, and a certificate. Having taught English to multilingual students in private language schools and summer schools in the UK, Helen has spent the past 13 years publishing language training materials for children, youth and adults on three continents. How about a treasure hunt in or around the house, such as the C’s? Can children find anything in the house that begins with the “C” sound in English: a cake, a sweet or a cup? In addition to the “C” sound hunt, there are other sound hunts in the neighborhood, a nature rainbow hunt, an alphabet hunt, a five-sentence hunt, a contradiction hunt, and a picture hunt. Helen Doran has extensive experience publishing EFL materials for children, teens and adults, and has previously taught multilingual students. Her blog now includes ideas and activities for using the Primary Academy at home with young English language learners. Arts and crafts activities are a great way for young learners to practice their language skills and express their creativity. These tools are suitable for use by preschool and elementary students at home to support learning and improve language skills. Three sets of materials with selected projects, puzzles, reading, vocabulary, and writing assignments will give your students plenty to work with. Don’t forget Seppo’s interactive vocabulary adventure games, which will give your kids a fun way to practice their vocabulary and language skills. But the good news is that with the right activities, English language learning can continue at home. You can print out school posters about the coronavirus to encourage social distancing, as well as organize hand-washing and time capsule activities. Helen is fascinated by the role of English as a lingua franca and has a master’s degree in global English from King’s College London. And if you’re still teaching in person, there are other helpful resources to help your students follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines. All of these and other activities are part of the Pearson English Academy. The packets are divided into sets for elementary, middle, and older children. The instructions are written in English, so parents must be proficient in English.