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With a characteristic feature, Single List, Legends of the Peak, Detroit: Become a Man, Become an Elitist, Strange Life 2, Subway Exodus, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Session, Wave 2, Witch 3: Wild Hunting, Tom Clancy Section 2, XCOM 2: The War of the Chosen, Yakuza 0, mainly because it didn’t make me “go to the main menu” and was lost by a 100-word fighter on the download screen, which I have to read in two seconds before I can finally click “finish the game”. Do not bury the option in the submenu like a dead animal in a flower bed. Three different Autosave slots in a row seem to be exaggerated, until you are tangled in the Spider Freakallee’s brickwork without manak flowers, and the real channel for this is also dark, and the poisonous mill for this you are not ready for this work. Thank you, video games, for understanding that people are basically a big bagpipes full of urine. You took that level of complexity at the beginning of the game with the thought, “Of course I love challenges,” but now you have to heroically accept that it was the wrong choice. Thank you for not letting me drink a whole can of red voodoo juice until I throw up. On behalf of all the dwarfs of the wrist canal, thank you, availability. Thank you very much, “leave the desk. Others have said that blitzball is an acceptable option or that coffee variations do not deserve such contempt, even if none of these items are on the current list. But aha! Thank you, except that I’m going back to the bluff shop, please. Is there anything that doesn’t deserve to be on this list? Comments on your reasons may be deleted next week as well. Also thanks for missing Savannah animals. In the moment when you enjoy a game that is generous, a compassionate game with which adventurers as you can from time to time review your decisions. Thank God you’re still here and I don’t have a problem with returning them. Autosave a la carte has achieved what the producers of the “Cancel” button discovered many years ago: the more steps you can take, the safer I feel as I move forward.